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There are many moments that are cherished by all of us. We are so proud of everyone in the LU LAB! Dr. Lu highly appreciates the training and encouragement he has received in Dr. Swenberg’s lab over the years, and he thus feels obliged to pass on these traditions to the next generation of scientists.

Life at the Lu Lab


Group picture, Sept 2023


  Welcome party,  Bar He’s not here, August 2023


Crabbing at Goose Creek State Park, Aug 2023


Farewell party for Jiapeng before he moved to MIT, 2018


Bei graduated in Dec, 2016.



A new start at UNC, Aug 2016



ACS National meeting, Aug 2016



The last day at UGA, July 2016.



Collect samples from mice, 2015



Lunch at the Hibachi Grill after Ridwan’s defense, 2015


Pass on traditions from the Swenberg Lab to Lu Lab

Dr. Swenberg and Kun were at the ceremony of the IMPACT AWARD in 2009.  Kun got the award when he was a Ph.D. student in Dr. Swenberg’s lab. Dr. Swenberg has been the most influential person in the career path of Kun.

In Dr. Swenberg’s retirement party (June 1st, 2018), Kun made the “World’s Best Advisor” plaque for him. Jim, we all miss you!