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The Lu Lab conducts instrument-intensive research at the interface of environmental health sciences, biology and analytical chemistry. The lab is equipped with essential equipment and infrastructure dedicated to our own research to enable diverse research activities, which also allows the graduate student and postdoctoral trainees to gain hands-on experience to promote their success on the future job market and long-term career goals. The following pictures describe the infrastructure and instruments in the lab, and we are actively updating the lab by requisitioning more state of the art instruments to support our research efforts.

Lab Infrastructure


          QE HF Orbitrap mass spectrometry (nano-LC)


              QE Orbitrap mass spectrometry (UPLC)


      TSQ Quantis triple quadrupole mass spectrometry 


                                  Agilent GC-MS system


                  Agilent TapeStation system for NGS 


            Thermal Cyclers for NGS library preparation


    NanoDrop and Qubit for NGS library preparation


                 RT-PCR systems for gene expression